Jr. Past Madam President Julie Stanley

Madam President Robin Lewis

Madam Vice President Maela Townsend

Madam Chaplain Agnes Lake

Secretary Bobbi Sordelet

Treasurer Cheryl Gardner

Conductor Vicki DeBoard

Inside Guard Crystal Collette

Trustees:  Connie Hite, Linda Kennedy, Melanie Elliott 

Auditor Mary Stagl

an introduction to our  team members to be installed June 3rd, 2017

2018  Aerie officers

Jr. Past Worthy President James Burnham

Worthy President Kirby Schuler

Worthy Vice President Richard Anderson

Worthy Chaplain Dave Smith

Secretary Gordon Phillips

Treasurer L. W. Bruce

Conductor Keith Premo

Inside Guard Pete Gallagher

Trustees:  Jaime Galaviz, Ron Rein, Andy Aanderud 


St. Marys FOE 4379

The Fraternal Order of Eagles are "People Helping People"